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Crazy celebrity insurance policies…but are they really that crazy?

All of us have reasons to get life insurance.  For most people it’s usually related to their home, their children, their spouse or their health.  However, for celebrities the stakes are much higher it seems as it may include priceless works of art or special dresses.  In fact, it seems life insurance for celebrities takes on a whole new game.

The difference between the ‘average Joe’ and the celebrity is usually down to the person really.  Celebrities are assets in themselves whereas you may not perhaps consider things this way.  Truth be told you’re just as much of an asset to those you love as any celebrity brand.

In today’s blog however, we take a look at some of the most insane celebrity insurance policies we could find.  It certainly makes for interesting reading…

Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones is obviously known for lots of things.  With those distinctive guitar rifts it’s therefore not that surprising to learn that he has insurance on his hands to the tune of $1.6 Million.  The man has himself noted how important they are to the music the Stones are so well-known for.

The supermodel Heidi Klum had her infamous legs insured for an impressive $1.4 Million.  The funny thing about this one is that her right leg is apparently worth $200’000 more than the left one, which has a tiny scar on it.  This is not fact though, so don’t quote us on it!

Bruce Springsteen is known the world over for his stadium performances and his famous voice.  So his insurance?  $5.5 Million.  ‘The Boss’ evidently values his voice over all else.  It is indeed distinctive and should he not be able to sing again he’d definitely want some kind of back-up plan.

Do you remember Ugly Betty?  Actress America Ferrera has apparently got insurance on that gorgeous smile (without the braces).  Some say her smile is most distinctive and that it required some kind of insurance for a well-known toothpaste promotion she was involved in.  We know that LA is famous for the pearly whites but this is $10 Million dollars worth!

A list like this wouldn’t be a list without our very own David Beckham. Now wait for this one.  His entire body is meant to be insurance for $195 Million.  Yes you read that right!  When this was taken out it was the biggest personal insurance policy known within sport history.  The policy apparently covers him for injury and illness and with so many endorsements it’s perhaps easy to see why the insurance figure is so high!

Now we are seriously tipping the scales with the next one.  Mariah Carey insured her infamous legs for $1 Billion dollars!   This was due to a campaign with Gillette in 2006.  Whether she still has that kind of insurance is unknown but needless to say she knows how valuable she is.

Now all this talk of celebrity insurance may have you gobsmacked or thinking about how much you’re worth in comparison.  The reality is however, that while your legs may not be insured to the tune of $1 Billion you are an asset in your own right.  To those who count (your family) you are more valuable than any celebrity policy could be because those who you love most stand to lose so much should something happen to you.

Maybe it’s time to think about some life insurance or critical illness yourself?