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Level Term

What is level term insurance?

Level term insurance cover provides premiums that are set at an agreed level and that do not increase or decrease during the policy term.

Why buy level term life insurance 

When you are busy enjoying your life it is very easy to forget how things might change from carefree to serious. Should you die suddenly you would want to ensure your family are protected in your absence if you could wouldn’t you?

Level Term Insurance offers a way to help your family ease any financial burdens should something happen to you by assisting them with things like the mortgage and other household expenses.

Level Term life cover offers a fixed amount of cover over a specific period of time (for example 15 years).  It can be a very small price to pay to ensure your love ones are protected from financial burdens when you’re not there anymore.

With cover from just £5 per month you could provide your family with a cash lump sum to help them. 

Benefits of buying level term insurance through us

  • Getting a comparison quote saves you a lot of time searching independent insurers for quotes
  • There are no complex forms to fill in – you can get started with just one phone call
  • The service is completely free
  • There is no obligation to buy as we don’t believe in pushy sales!

Get us on the case and we’ll find you the very best insurance deals today and if you’re accepted for a policy, you could get £50 in ‘Love2Shop’ High Street vouchers!

Go to our ‘fast-quote form’ or try our ‘insurance calculator’ to see how much you may need and get yourself protected today.