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Over 50′s Guaranteed Life Insurance

What is over 50′s life insurance?

An over 50’s insurance policy will pay out a lump sum when you die. This sum can be used for funeral costs, any outstanding bills and could also include a sum of money for your loved ones. 

Why buy over 50′s life insurance?

If you are thinking of how you can alleviate the financial strain on your partner or family should you die, then over 50’s life insurance could be the answer.

While we are all living a lot longer, being over 50 does not mean you are too old to bother with life cover. Having life cover can offer you extra peace of mind now so you can enjoy life free from worrying about your loved ones should something happen. 

Features and Benefits include

  • If you are a UK resident between 50 and 80 acceptance is guaranteed
  • Simple and hassle-free application
  • With cover from £5 per month you can get the cover you need
  • There is no obligation to buy and no pushy sales!

If you like to go through your cover options today, give us a call on 0800 6800 205 or fill in easy and quick quote form.